After calculating the average based on the numbers above, the salary for a full-stack developer averages out at $96,412 per year. While not as high as the average salary of a DevOps engineer, it’s much closer than other professions we’ve compared in this guide. PayScale has the average full-stack developer salary at $78,951 per year, with a low of $54K and a high of $115K.

This section provides an example of responsibilities that can be included in an Azure DevOps resume. Check out our related article on where to research IT salaries. Despite being a hotly debated title, DevOps engineer is the most recruited job on LinkedIn, according to the platform.

DevOps Engineer – AWS

This figure can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the specific industry you work in. ZipRecruiter lists the average senior-level DevOps engineer salary at $134,079 per year, with a low of $75K and a high of $185K. Glassdoor reports the average salary for a software developer at $96,075 per year. The lowest salary for a software developer is $67K, and the highest is $137K. According to Glassdoor, the average DevOps engineer salary is $103,253 per year. This statistic is based on 5492 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by DevOps Engineer roles.

  • AWS, Kubernetes, TerraformTo be considered for this opportunity, experience with the following is required.
  • ZipRecruiter says the average system administrator salary is $73,263 per year, with a low of $37K and a high of $114K.
  • Learn about some of the high-paying jobs you can get without needing a degree.

As of February 2023, over 4,000 DevOps engineer positions were listed on Glassdoor [2]. What is the outlook for Gen AI in the financial world now, and what are some best practices to make AI work in financial institutions’ and their customers’ best interests? As far as the former, Lieberman says “Gen AI is here to stay, and banks need to minimise
the risks and capitalise on the opportunities it offers. “First and foremost, leaders should educate themselves on Generative AI trends and how they relate to their area of financial services.

Azure DevOps engineer resume example

Higher education is an excellent way to prepare for an entry-level role and strengthen your resume. If you are interested in engineering, problem-solving, and project management, a DevOps engineer position could be an excellent fit. While an undergraduate degree in computer science and related disciplines is the typical education track for technologists, some professionals are purely self-taught.

how much does devops engineer make

Tech companies usually consider the cost of living in your area and adjust your salary accordingly. Glassdoor reports the average full-stack developer salary at $97,748, going as low as $61K and as high as $156K. Full-stack how to become a devops engineer developers, like DevOps engineers, have a lot of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities under their belt. Full-stack developer salaries are typically higher than backend developer salaries and frontend developer salaries.

Salary by Region

However, generally speaking, a DevOps engineer possesses coding and engineering skills and works with IT and operations teams. Where you work can play a role in how much you make, due to regional salary differences or the cost of living. To give you an idea of the range you can expect, here is average total pay for AWS DevOps Engineers in different US states, according to Glassdoor in July 2023. Explore average salaries for DevOps engineers by level of experience and location.

  • If you’re a newly qualified DevOps Engineer in the UK, you may be wondering what salary you can expect.
  • Azure Developers build and deploy apps and services on the Azure platform.
  • Consider expanding the scope of your search to encompass both in-person and remote opportunities.
  • The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional is designed for people with over two years of experience in AWS environments.
  • We’ve put together a list of 6 tips and resources to help you stay accountable to your coding goals this year.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can expect in terms of your salary as a DevOps engineer as you advance in your career. Crunching the numbers above gives us the average salary for an IT generalist of $43,390 per year. That’s almost half of a DevOps engineer’s salary, which backs up our previous assumption. DevOps engineers share some similarities with an IT Generalist.