1. Include hashtags

Unless you’re having an intimate wedding, you’ll undoubtedly want to develop a wedding hashtag to make your day even more memorable by implementing it into the wedding bar decor. Begin by jotting down your first and last names, as well as the date of your wedding. Then, experiment with different words to perfect your hashtag game!

2. Choose something portable and mobile

Bars on wheels are all the rage, and they’re only getting cuter. For an outdoor event, you can design the cocktail cart to match the wedding theme. The drinks on wheels are an alternative to traditional catering offerings, giving visitors a one-of-a-kind experience that they will cherish for years ahead.

3. Use floral for garnishes

Garnish a trademark cocktail with an exotic flower, such as a peony, to distinguish it from the other cocktails you must have seen available at your friend’s wedding bar. The vibrant colour will create a stir in the room, and more people wil犀利士
l likely request it. While flowers and herbs look lovely as decorations, you can take it a step ahead by transforming your arrangements into garnishes. It will include the natural decor of the table in the cocktail itself.

4. Make a statement shelf

No wedding is complete without a statement shelf, and placing the glasses of fizz on a shelf for guests to pick up at their leisure will elevate the format of a standard toast. The statement shelf allows you to show off all the lovely glassware you paid an extortionate amount to rent. Plus, it’s useful for the bartenders who work so hard to keep the cocktails pouring!

The aforementioned suggestions will undoubtedly improve the game of your wedding cocktail bar.

Source – www.pinkvilla.com