Photographs of the Royal Family taken by members of the public will go on display alongside snaps by renowned photographers in a new exhibition. There was a jubilant feeling in the air: it was a specially created Bank Holiday, so no one was at work, while the weather cooperated fully, all blue skies and balmy temperatures.

The couple wanted their events to have a relaxed “at home” vibe as,“Archit and I both like things to be natural and non-contrived.” While the couple had planned only two events, their closest friends ended up hosting several pre-wedding parties, turning their wedding week into “the longest but sweetest celebration ever.”

Everyone wants beautiful photographs of their wedding to document one of the most special days of their lives, but there are so many hidden犀利士
pitfalls when it comes to working with your wedding photographer.

As a social media influencer with a sizeable following, Manchanda’s bridal outfits were sure to grab eyeballs on Instagram. But curating her wardrobe proved to be a challenge. “I am five feet, and most designers needed over four weeks to make anything in my size. But I did not have that kind of time!” she reveals. She ultimately chose a string of looks; some which were custom-made, and some off-the-rack.

“ It’s always about wanting to be with you forever and ever! “ ❤️😍

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