We are very selective and our focus is quality over quantity, both externally and internally. The VIP core team is a group of people between the ages of 30-50 who share the passion and vision of VIP Matrimonial Services. What sets them apart is not only the fact that they come from very well-to-do cultured families, have global exposure and very diverse backgrounds .

From Mithun Kumar :
``We believe that investing in our clients is key to our unparalleled success.``
Message from Founder & Ceo
Hi! I am, ``Mithun Kumar``. I'm a complete Delhi-ite and live my life as it comes. Mithun is a Software Engg. And has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and started my career as an executive with one of the renowned banks and later on joined a matchmaking company and worked nearly about 12+ years. During my professional career, I used to think of doing something extraordinary by which I can spread love and care all across the world as I feel that it is somewhere missing in life these days. I would love to hear the success of my users/members, and with their consent would share them with the entire family, as a source of inspiration for all the other members and thousands and millions of people outside.
So I thought that I should move on in life and start bringing couples together and helping the individuals to find their permanent roommate in life to make memories and live them happily. I feel it is the best way to spread happiness and love in everybody’s life because to live happily has become the toughest part of life if you do not have a good partner or a partner of your choice who can understand you in every possible manner and situations it becomes tougher. Then finally I started with, which I believe can help every individual to find their life partner according to their mutual understanding and compatibility. My goal is to work hard as a silent personalised advisor and I promise to deliver the best for each and every individual always. Further, I wish all users/members good luck in finding their life partner.

I would love to hear the success of my users/members, and with their consent would share them with the entire family, as a source of inspiration for all the other members and thousands and millions of people outside.

I learnt just two things, the first one is “Never forget why you started” and other “Great things never come from comfort zones”.

– A thought by Satish.

Satish Tayade
CTO & Co-Founder
It is true that the probability is far greater that you will find the love of your life if you work with a professional - and this professional organization in particular.``


We are not only specialists in our respective fields e.g. marriage matchmaking, profile selection, confidentiality, we are also the dream team with the right mix of matrimonial experience, wedding knowledge and strategic thinking.

Mrs. Sushmita
Lead Matchmaker
Sushmita is based in Hyderabad, India and has a Master’s degree in Commerce. Having spent most of her career in a client-facing role, she appreciates the nuances of relationships and brings those skills to VIP Matrimonial Services with great panache. Connecting with people and being able to guide them in their search gives her immense satisfaction but even more joy when those relationships work out. Sushmita loves the outdoors and enjoys weekend hikes in and around the city. She is mom to a handsome little toddler.
Mr. Yogesh
Lead Matchmaker
Yogesh is based in Delhi, India and has a degree in Marketing. He is passionate about serving others, providing excellent customer service, and helping the Operations Team at VIP Matrimonial Services provide the best service to clients.
Mrs. Gunjan
Gunjan is based in Delhi, India and has a Master’s degree in MBA, Human Resources Development. She has a compassionate, sensitive and gregarious personality and loves meeting and interacting with new people. Gunjan loves to travel, is a voracious reader, enjoys cooking besides spending time with her family. She is mom to a gorgeous little toddler.
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