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From dangling earrings to traditional chains, and shimmery silver to gleaming gold, there are classic jewelry pieces for just about any Valentine. All you need to find the perfect jewelry gift is a little insight into the latest popular styles.

What makes jewelry classic?

Classic jewelry has an appeal that transcends eras. Pieces that fit into this category re-emerge in popularity throughout different generations. Take for example pearl necklaces that were fashionable in your grandmother’s generation but are just as on-trend today. What’s more, you can count on classic pieces being versatile to wear with different fashions and for a wide range of occasions.

Classic jewelry trends

Classic jewelry is available across several popular categories. Gift-worthy items are also available to fit just about any budget, from affordable semiprecious gems and sterling silver to high-end genuine diamonds, pearls and real gold.

Colorful gemstones

Most jewelry lovers can agree that gemstones are always in style. Jewels that grab attention with their vibrant or sophisticated colors are currently top-sellers. Bold rings are especially popular in 2022.

Timeless earrings

Dangling or drop-style earrings are beloved for the movement they produce while worn. Numerous designs with beads, charms and other embellishments in different metals are all the rage this year. Classic gold hoops are always popular too, and they never go out of style.

Nature-inspired looks

With spring just around the corner, it’s no surprise that jewelry trends are embracing the upcoming season. Flowers, butterflies, birds and invoke thoughts of spring, which may be why jewelry with nature themes are currently in style.

Diamond jewelry

Jewelry with diamonds is always popular for gifting for almost any special occasion. This holiday, look for pieces with diamond accents that add a hint of sparkle. Heart charms and pendants in silver or gold that are embezzled with natural diamonds make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Pearl strands

From celebrities to influencers, everyone is wearing pearls these days. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to formal wear, but they also dress up work attire and casual outfits. Necklaces strung with white or colored pearls are on many wish lists this year.

Stylish chains

Whether by itself or adorned with a pendant, you can’t go wrong with a chain. Many styles feature traditional links that work well for both men and women and can be worn with casual or dressy fashions.

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