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Some ideas to decorate your stage

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” Engagement is a ceremony in which bride and groom exchange rings and mark the beginning of their love. Here are some ideas to decorate your stage for the perfect shot of life and picture.

1. White with Red: Love and Peace

This decoration is perfect for outdoor ring ceremony. While white looks soothing to the eyes, the colour red remarks the love between the couple. The circular bunch of roses behind the chair adds to the beauty of this decoration.

White with Red Love and Peace
Source : pinterest.com

2. All White Décor

This decoration looks beautiful and charming and adds beauty to the frame. This décor is perfect for morning outdoor engagements.

All White Décor
Source : pinterest.com

3. Pink and Pretty Décor

This decoration is perfect for evening indoor ceremonies. The stage is huge and looks royals, perfect for function in any palace or luxury hotel.

Pink and Pretty Décor
Source : pinterest.com

4. Golden and White

Golden and white decor seems to catchy for eyes. It can also give you a classy look for the stage.

Golden and White
Source : pinterest.com

5. All Floral Background

This décor will look beautiful in open evening ceremony but the proper positioning of lights is a must. This look will enhance the beauty of couple and looks elegant and decent.

All Floral Background
Source : pinterest.com

6. Beauty and The Beach

This décor is perfect for beach locations. The floral detailing adds to the beauty of this stage. This décor is also suitable for couple who are pulling of their looks in all white or pastel colours.

Beauty and The Beach
Source : pinterest.com

Couples can get inspired from these décor ideas but creativity is not the monopoly of one. You can also get your stage customised by adding tassels, jars and other decorative items. The thing that should be kept in mind that your stage should match with location and should match with contrast. I hope you will find something worthy and your engagement will ‘ rock ‘n’ roll’.